The Spanish Rulebook

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The Spanish Rulebook

The Spanish Rulebook is a result of years of rigorous and extensive research in Spanish language instruction. This comprehensive reference is a must-have for any serious student of the Spanish language.

The Spanish Rulebook is really three books in one: pronunciation guide, grammar and verb resource, and usage manual. It is the perfect reference for any Spanish language student.

Click here to download the Spanish Rulebook for free!


Over 1000 authentic, embedded audio examples of Spanish used in context
Clear and concise definitions for even the most complex linguistic concepts
Detailed grammatical constructions with charts, examples, and exceptions
Helpful usage advice with real-life examples
Precise and easy-to-use pronunciation guide
Unique and practical “Real Spanish” guide to understanding Spanish the way people really speak it
Generous coverage of common dialect differences including Castellano and Rioplatense
Much, much more

The Spanish Rulebook

4 Responses to “The Spanish Rulebook”

  1. I would like to learn Spanish, but I am having a difficult time. What about the book, can I get it?

    • You can download the book for free using the above link. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the book.

  2. What about the audio files for the book can I get thoose?

    • The book is an e-book (PDF format) with embedded audio. You may need to use Adobe’s official acrobat reader to take advantage of the embedded audio.