What Motivates You?

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What Motivates You?

The second factor in effective language learning is compelling motivation.

(To read about the first factor, massive input, click here.)

Let’s start by identifying what compelling motivation is NOT. “I’ve always kind of wanted to learn a new language” is not a compelling motivation. It won’t make you want to endure massive input. This is where most language learning programs get it wrong. They create fake stories and try to make vocabulary lists about fruits and animals interesting. That’s not compelling or motivating.

What is compelling and motivating is personal. It’s something you’re already interested in. Maybe for you it’s sports. Or maybe it’s cooking or computers or books or travel or architecture or politics or business. The fun starts when you realize that learning a new language can be a part of what you love (and even help you find new interesting things to enjoy).

Instead of telling yourself “It would be cool to know another language”, you should come try learning one today using things you already love as motivation.

Language Possible courses are designed to efficiently teach you the most frequently used words and most crucial concepts of a new language so that you can enjoy the real things you like.

Why do you want to learn a new language? What are you interested in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

What motivates you?

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