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“I recently completed Spanish 1, and as a beginner with very little Spanish experience except for a little bit from grade school I found it incredibly enlightening and empowering. I was speaking in full sentences from the first lesson, and Language Possible even helped me fix my “gringo” accent! My job required me to take a business trip to Texas this last summer and locate and talk to certain people. One day I was at a near dead end in my search and had one more name to contact, and she only spoke Spanish. At first I shied away, too nervous to mess up in front of her, but I found the courage to try and was amazed at my ability to communicate my needs and I ended up leaving with a list of the addresses of the people I needed to talk to! I was later even capable of giving a significant portion of my presentation in Spanish to a South American couple in order to keep the husband from having to translate everything I said to the wife. Language possible is so much more than just a tool to help you learn meaningless vocabulary, it is an amazing way to help you understand the language and its structure better so that you can form meaningful, coherent sentences, instead of things like “the cat walked to the red house” that are just meaningless and trivial. If anything sets Language Possible apart, it is that the learning is useful, it has actual value and applicability, from the very first lesson. And it focuses your efforts on your own real-life language needs, rather than just an elementary template that would leave even the most motivated student bored and disinterested.”

– Mike N.

Your Spanish course is way good. It’s perfect for people who want to learn Spanish. The Spanish Rulebook is so useful. I think the way the alphabet is explained is especially helpful.

My family came from El Salvador, and they use “vos” rather than “tĂș”. Thanks for teaching me the difference! Completing the Spanish 1 course made me see Spanish as a beautiful, rich language.

Claudia R.